14 Reasons to Use Matchwood Video Watermark

1. Unlimited use for any number of your video products from a short video clip to a lengthy movie for distribution.

2. Much easier and user friendly than any other similar video watermarking software.

3. Freely position watermarks to any location of your videos.

4. Automatically resize imported image watermarks to fit your video screen with high quality.

5. Experiment with various image filters to overly professional watermarks to your video products.

6. Produce high quality watermarked videos with done-for-you presets.

7. Automatically remember your last settings to make your next video watermarking process even simpler.

8. Self-contained and will neither affect your original videos nor pollute your Mac with scattered files.

9. Completely work offline. No Internet connection required.

10. Flexible licensing. Install on more than one Mac for one personal license.

11. Free and easy updates and upgrades.

12. Inexpensive. No hidden costs. No upgrading fees. Just pay once, and benefit forever.

13. No risk. Try before you buy + 30 day money-back guarantee.

14. 7/24 Free support by email.

Need more info? See Matchwood Video Watermark features for more functional details, or download and try it now