Watermark your videos can be useful to you in a lot of ways. For the most obvious of all, video watermark can help protect your video products from being ripped off by unauthorized individuals or organizations. And if you ever distributed your videos over the internet through YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video sharing communities, you certainly want to keep track of the re-distribution records and better yet draw your audience back to the source, that is, your own website or blog.

While the intention is good, you may find the actual video watermarking process is rather difficult without a complicated video editing program. Matchwood Video Watermark can help you achieve that easily in just three quick steps:

Step1: Drag a video into Matchwood Video Watermark

You can inspect the video details using the info panel

Step2: Choose from a text or image watermark

Fine tuning your image watermark by re-positioning, resizing and applying filters

Add metadata information to the video

Step3: Export your final results by clicking the "Export..." button & select the video format you would like to convert to and save

That's it. Wanna try it yourself? Download Now

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